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It pays to develop a plan to protect your family in the face of catastrophe. Life insurance helps to provide a measure of financial security, so there’s a way to handle medical bills, funeral expenses, a mortgage or rent payment, tuition and many other similar expenses. An Elder Insurance Services LLC representative will be able to help you understand all available options.

Elder Insurance Services LLC maintains a wide range of life insurance solutions, making it possible for you to choose a policy that works well for your family. Research whether a whole life, universal life or term life policy best suits your budget and needs.

We’re Here To Help It All Make Sense.

Along with your life insurance policy, you’ll find you qualify for a number of other benefits to help you make smart choices about your family’s future.

  • Get simple answers to all of your questions and useful information from a dedicated Elder Insurance Services LLC agent.
  • Choose from an array of life insurance coverage options currently available to you.
  • Access resources and tools that offer information, calculators and much more.

Find Affordable Protection For Your Family.

Your family depends on you and, if you were to suddenly pass away, a term life insurance policy will help you continue to provide financial protection and security for your loved ones. While it is always difficult to think about your death, a term life insurance policy can offer peace of mind because it can help to provide an income that will cover expenses like groceries, childcare and housing.

Talk to an Elder Insurance Services LLC personal financial representative to find out more about the two types of life insurance available:

  • Basic Term: Basic term life insurance policy can provide you with fifteen years of coverage. While it doesn’t require a medical exam, coverage and the cost of your monthly payments will depend on your answers to a health questionnaire. You can choose from coverage benefit amounts of $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000.
  • TrueFit: This type of term life insurance gives you the option to choose a coverage time period between ten and thirty years. It offers customized coverage that can be layered to address the unique needs of your family

Protect The Future For Your Family.

The least complex form of permanent guaranteed life insurance is the whole life insurance policy. This policy will help you protect your family in the future and cash will continue to build over time. Talking to an Elder Insurance Services LLC personal financial representative can help you understand different features of the various whole life insurance policies:


  • Death Benefit: The death benefit is the amount of the life insurance policy that is paid directly to a beneficiary or beneficiaries as long as the premium payments are made on time.
  • Lifetime Coverage: Whole life coverage offers protection for the length of your life as long as all premium payments are made. The premiums are guaranteed to remain at the same rate and the coverage level will not change, meaning you can rest assured you’re covered through each phase of your life.
  • Cash value: Cash value of a whole life insurance policy will increase over your lifetime because the policy has a built-in savings component. No what current market conditions look like, the full cash value of the policy will always increase. It is even possible to access the cash you have accumulated, but you need to keep in mind that taking a loan from your policy will likely reduce the surrender value and impact the amount your beneficiaries would receive if you passed away.
  • Options: Each Whole Life Advantage policy come with an additional feature referred to as “excess credits” that help the cash value of the policy increase.

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