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Protect Your Rental Properties

If you own a rental property, it can feel impossible to find dependable insurance coverage. Choosing to work with Elder Insurance Services LLC will help alleviate the headache in going it alone in the search for an insurance policy. Direct support from an agent will help guide you through the ins and outs of policies that are suitable for landlords.

It Pays To Be Prepared For More Than A Broken Pipe

A standard landlord insurance policy is designed to help protect your rental property from nearly all of the problems you can expect to encounter. There are still a few additional policies you might like to research and add. The policies can add a layer of protection for larger issues that can threaten your property and financial assets.

Keep Your Investment Safe.

When real estate is also an income source, protecting it against loss is vital. You have an array of coverage options from which to choose – some are considered standard and others are policy add-ons. Tale to an agent from Elder Insurance Services LLC about which landlord coverage will best fit your needs.

  • Dwelling protection
    Dwelling protection covers the property itself and attached structures, like a porch, if anything should happen to them.
  • Other structures protection
    Protect sheds, garages and additional buildings that are separate from your rental home with other structures protection.
  • Liability coverage
    If you are concerned you will be sued after an accident, damage or loss on your property; you will want liability coverage.
  • Fair rental income coverage
    If a rental home becomes uninhabitable due to damage caused by a covered loss, fair rental income coverage can help recoup a portion of lost rental income for up to one year.
  • Premises medical protection
    If someone is injured in an accident on your rental property, premises medical protection can help pay for reasonable/necessary medical expenses.
  • Vandalism coverage
    A vandalism coverage add-on will help you cover the expense associated with either the repair or replacement of what was damaged. It also offers a measure of coverage for belongings used for the rental property.
  • Burglary coverage
    If a burglary does occur, adding burglary specific coverage to your landlord policy could help you pay for repairs your rental property requires. It also offers a measure of coverage for belongings used for the rental property.
  • Rental property under construction
    If you are currently building a new rental home or renovating an older property, this type of add-on coverage may help cover the building before it is considered ready for occupancy.

Building code

If you are repairing things after a covered loss, adding building code coverage to your landlord policy may help cover the increased expense of enforcing all building codes, laws or ordinances regulating construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair or demolition of your dwelling.

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