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Learn About Standard Home Insurance Coverage

Taking the time to understand better the different types of homeowners insurance coverage that are included in your policy can help you recognize what it will protect. Nearly all home insurance policies offered by the companies Elder  Insurance Services LLC works with include coverage like:

  • Dwelling (home structure)
    Dwelling insurance will help protect the walls and roof of your home.
  • Other structures
    Other structure insurance will allow you to protect the physical structure of a building, like a shed or garage, that is separate from your home.
  • Personal property
    Personal property coverage can help protect the belongings inside your home. If belongings are stolen or damaged outside of your home, personal property coverage could also help you replace them.
  • Liability protection
    Liability insurance can help protect you if someone makes a claim against you or sues you for damages after being injured on your property.
  • Guest medical protection
    Guest medical protection can help cover the medical expenses incurred by a person who’s injured on your property.
  • Additional protection
    All standard homeowners insurance policies include additional forms of protection. One example is reimbursement for living expenses, which can help cover a motel stay in the event your home is deemed uninhabitable after a covered loss.

Optional Coverage

No two houses are exactly alike, and you can choose to include different kinds of coverage on your home insurance policy to help protect the things that make your home special. Most home insurance policies already include liability coverage, guest medical coverage, personal property coverage and dwelling coverage, but it is also possible to add coverage like:

  • Water backup coverage will help protect your home against water damage that results from your drain backing up or a sump pump breaking.
  • Scheduled personal property coverage will help protect items with a high appraised value, like an engagement ring or expensive antiques.
  • Most of the business related items that are stored in your house, like goods/products you intend to sell, can be protected with business property coverage.
  • Identity theft restoration coverage can help pay the lost wages/legal fees and additional expenses tied to having your identity stolen.
  • Golf clubs, ski equipment, canoes, paddleboards and kayaks can all be protected by an additional sports equipment insurance policy.
  • Green improvement reimbursement can help you offset the expense of replacing damaged or destroyed items with energy efficient options after a covered loss.
  • Yard and garden
    Trees, landscaping and even a riding lawnmower can be protected with optional yard and garden protection.
  • Electronic data recovery
    If you are concerned about lost videos or photos on a family computer, it may pay to consider the addition of optional electronic data recovery protection.
  • Musical instruments
    Musical instruments can be protected with an expanded insurance option.

Find Peace of Mind With Identity Protection Coverage.

Identity theft and fraud can happen to anyone. It is possible to safeguard yourself and your family with identity restoration coverage. It’s an affordable addition that can act to help prevent identity theft or restore well-being after the identity has been damaged.

Obtain Help Restoring Your Damaged Identity.

If you or a family member are a victim of identity theft, a fraud/identity theft specialist will do the heavy lifting involved in restoring your good name and helping get things back to normal. The addition of identity restoration coverage can help cover up to $25,000 of expenses associated with identity theft.

Protect Your Identity Before Theft Occurs.

With identity restoration coverage from one of our providers, you will be able to get assistance with:

  • A name change after a marriage and notifying appropriate parties
  • Navigating most divorce-related fraud issues
  • Dealing with the IRS and avoiding tax-related fraud issues
  • Protecting your identity while you’re deployed in the military
  • Recovering lost identification cards and credit cards while you travel
  • Protecting sensitive information and ensuring it follows you during a relocation
  • Recovering stolen, lost or destroyed personal information after a natural disaster
  • Placing a fraud alert to keep personal info from being leveraged against you after a burglary
  • Protecting a dead loved one’s personal and financial information by notifying credit issuers and securing death certificates

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